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Another fun portrait session in our studio with this happy family. Meet Brittany, Ty, and Tristin. We are honored to have Brittany guest blog and share her experience with all of you…

As a Mother of two you tend to take a lot of pictures, especially if you’re like me and use photos to keep memories alive and fresh in your mind. Life moves so fast, sometimes it’s hard to remember and keep up with everything. This is why I love snapping away at memorable occasions. Pictures of when my kids were born, their first time crawling, first steps, first time riding a bike, feeding ducks at the park, first time ever at Disneyland, each and every birthday thus far, and all sports games and recitals. What I lacked the most, was me in these pictures.
At the time you don’t really notice. You find yourself saying, “Oh look at Tristin on her third birthday…. wait, where was I?”, or “Oh this was after Ty’s first basketball game… man I wish I would have  taken a picture of us together.”. I started realizing more and more how absent I was in these photographs because I was always the one taking them.
This brings us to our photo shoot with Vnext Media! Rickey and Natasha happen to be really good friends of mine. Once I found out they did family photo sessions, it was all about scheduling from there. I knew this was something I wanted to do and needed to do. I needed a nice picture of me and my kids to have as a physical memory. Looking over some of their other photo sessions they’ve had with families and kids, I knew they would be perfect for us. I’d never taken professional pictures before, had no idea what to expect, or even knew what to bring so to say I was nervous would be an understatement! But Rickey and Tash have their studio set up with such a relaxing and professional ambiance, you can’t help but feel comfortable. And no it isn’t just a backyard or their living room with a white sheet, it’s an actual studio complete with different background choices, props, refreshments, and soothing music. Since it was a shoot involving children, they geared the goodies and music especially towards them which was awesome in my book! They just really went out of their way and it showed.
Once the flashes started going off I was nervous again… “What if my kids don’t smile? What if they don’t take direction? What if they start to cry and are over it but we haven’t taken the photo we really want yet?” Rickey and Tash had that covered also. They became buddies with my kids before shooting, so they would listen to them when given direction. Rickey and Tash would reiterate how well my kids were posing and smiling, making them feel good about themselves. They even had candy ideas on deck for when my 4 year old had her emotional breakdown! Rickey and Tash were just really well prepared and it helped the shoot run so much more smooth because of it.
After all that, the photo session was a success… at least in my mind. I didn’t realize how much of a success until I got my pictures back. WOW! My first reaction was to cry (yes, I’m a sap). Tears of joy seeing my babies, myself, all of us together, looking like how I feel. Wonderful. Vnext Media captured my children’s personalities spot on through their pictures. They didn’t give them directions for posing that took away from who they were. My son is kinda awkward in real life, and they let him be kinda awkward in the pictures, which enhanced them in my opinion because I knew that’s exactly how he is. My daughter was a diva, she always has been, and her pictures convey that perfectly. So much so that I’m honestly going to send them to modeling agencies because they look just THAT good!
Trust me I am an honest, mind speaking, give it to you real, type person. I would not be writing this guest blog if I truly didn’t feel that all the words I’ve typed thus far were true. I would and will recommend Vnext Media to all of my family and friends and encourage you to keep them in mind for when you’d like to take some physical memories yourself.
Thanks for allowing me to share icon smile FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION / CHINO, CA